Hello and Welcome to the Haden Hill Aikido Club Website.  Our Club offers a complete Martial Art Programme for the entire family and all sections of the Community.  Men, Women and Children from diverse backgrounds attend our Club ranging from the age of eight years upwards.  There are no tournaments or competitions at our Club, instead we specialise in a unique and comprehensive Grading Syllabus to suit each individual’s capability and skill level.


Our main priority at Haden Hill Aikido Club is to ensure that you train in a safe and friendly environment under appropriate supervision with a strong emphasis on a focused approach, which will enable you to get the best training regardless of your fitness level.  We welcome all practitioners whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced Black Belt. 


With regular practice, you will increase your fitness level, flexibility and stamina allowing you to gain a better understanding of the basic principles of Aikido, which in turn will allow you to enjoy and appreciative this defensive Martial Art in full.


The secret of Aikido is open to all practitioners no matter what your current ability; all you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn. You don’t need to have competitive ambitions, just the desire to improve through practice.


Please feel free to browse through the following pages to learn more about Aikido and our Club.  If you would like information on joining us at our next practice, please contact Sensei Helen Williams on Tel: 07779 254 971



 Portway Aikido Club Opens at:

Portway Lifestyle Centre of Excellence

Newbury Lane


West Midlands

B69 1HE

Tuesday Night 8:00pm - 9:30pm



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Senshin Aikido Ryu 


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The U.K. Governing Body for Aikido


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